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Carwyn is a former radio jock that has worked on major capital city radio stations in Perth and Sydney. After discovering he was crap at announcing and struggling to forward sell Nickelback songs, he took up Landscape Photography on Boxing Day 2014 at Yena (Sydney). Fast forward to now, and he discovered he was crap at Landscape Photography too, so teamed up with Christian Fletcher to talk about it instead. He likes Metallica (except their new garbage) jogging, keeping fit, and competition basket weaving. Kidding about the jogging!



With three decades of experience in photography Christian has become a master of composition, capture and post production. His life revolves around creating images and being at the forefront of the craft. He is a Leo, loves the colour yellow and his favourite food is sugar.  Unlike Carwyn he thinks Metallica is soft and not worthy of his favourite playlists.  

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